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I just recently joined and am using the App for all my gaming and computer related purchases, be it security software, Play Station games or just shopping at PC World. I've used the money I got back to purchase new clothes at Penney's and got cashback again.

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I have been a member for the past 3 years, using the app for both business and personal shopping saving approx €1500 in that time on shopping I had to do anyway. This has allowed me to book two holidays through Expedia free of charge with the cash I got back.

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Cashback Ireland is a fantastic service, I find it very handy that it works along side staff discounts and other loyalty schemes that places operate. The E-Voucher system is a massive step in the right direction as it saves a lot of time to get the vouchers in the 1st place.

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cashback world track earnings

Track your earnings

You can track your earnings in the form of Cashback and Shopping Points in your back office, on your App and view the payouts due and received.

Never miss a deal with cashback helper

Get our web browser add-on called “Cashback Helper” to never miss a cashback merchant when browsing the web, as it points out all our merchants and partner shops.

I’m shopping with a Cashback card for 4 years now and have accumulated over €1000 in that period. Highly recommend joining if you want to “earn “ while you shop and the opportunity to use the card is growing all the time.

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Best cashback system ever! I use it every day when I am shopping for groceries, household items or even booking a holiday. I am getting payouts every Thursday. This is a great service and is taking great steps in the right direction.

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I use the App every day because its so quick and easy to use. The cashback builds up quickly too and I'm saving it up to buy Christmas presents. The best thing ever though is that I don't need to take my purse with me, just my phone.

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One loyalty card for thousands of retailers

This loyalty program and Cashback World card is unique, because with this one card you will receive up to 5% cashback and shopping points with every purchase.  whilst shopping in the shopping network all retail sectors and is accepted in 50 countries and more than 140.000 businesses.

shop and support charitable cause

It feels good to know, that with every purchase you make, you are not only receiving benefits for yourself, but also you are supporting two charities.

ready in 1-2 minutes

It only takes 1-2 minutes to get started. Just click on the "Sign Up" button, fill in your details and you're ready to start collecting your rewards.

free and easy start

It is Free and simple to join the Global shopping network, and benefit from all discounts, deals and special offers the loyalty merchants offer.

automated payouts

Every Thursday the system checks if you have accumulated the minimum of €10 cashback or more for payout, and if so, initiates the payment straight to your chosen bank account.

Since 2003

All great ideas are simple! And time has proven it effective year after year, customer after customer, which has allowed this idea to grow into a global community of more than 13 million smart shoppers worldwide.

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Frequently asked questions is a service to the global shopping community, where we introduce this unique way to shop and teach our members on how to earn extra benefits and save hundreds or even thousands on their daily shopping. By utilizing of this system and shopping with the loyalty merchants, you can earn up to 5% money back in a form of cashback that is paying your savings back into your bank account. It is absolutely free to join and start saving on your every day shopping.

It is absolutely free to join and start benefiting from the power of a true global shopping community. To join the shopping network, you need to click on any of the “Start Shopping Now” buttons, register yourself and download the free shopping app. Click on the link below to download the Cashback App.


Yes. Anyone from legal age of 18 can become a member of the global shopping community and start benefiting from this loyalty and rewards program.

This idea was born 2003 from a simple idea. The founder of the company asked for a discount in one of his local shops. The shop owner declined. Then he asked if he could get discount if he would recommend this shop to his friends and family? The shop keeper agreed. And so from a simple idea this grew into global shopping community of businesses who were ready to share a portion of their profits to drive customers into their door on one side, and customers, who are getting rewarded for their custom, on the other side.

With each purchase you will be getting up to 5% cashback and shopping points. Shopping points are used to redeem special offers, the merchants are offering. Let’s say, if a merchant wants to run a special offer on a product or service, which normally would cost €30, offering it for limited time for €20. In order to avail of this special offer you will have to redeem it by giving away some of your accumulated shopping points. Please check the Cashback World website or your mobile app to find latest SP deals and offers.